5 Myths About Animals You Thought Were True

Before you start bragging to your friends about knowing many random facts and myths about animals , it would be best if you read this article, and make sure all those things you thought you knew, are in fact true. The internet is a living proof of just how much we love animals, and how we keep on sharing photos and all sorts of interesting things about them on our social networks.
nHowever, there are a few myths on animals that everyone believes are true, but in fact- they are so false!

1. Bees die after they sting

Bees can only sting one time and then they die, is that what the myth says? But, that’s not necessarily the case. There are 20,000 species of bees and only one of them die after they sting and not each time! If their prey has thinner skin, then they are able to pull their stinger back and move on normally.

2. Every night we eat a certain number of spiders

We’re not saying that it’s impossible to eat a spider during your sleep, (whoever sleeps with his mouth open can only blame himself for that), but the theory that spiders are walking into our mouths as we sleep is ridiculous! So, to all people with arachnophobia out there – Keep calm, we don’t eat spiders in our sleep.

3. Koala is a bear

Well, even though everyone thinks that Koala is a bear- no, it’s not. Koala is simply a Koala from the family of Koala and the species of Koala. Even though they look surprisingly like a bear, they are not.

4. The red colour makes the bull angry

This myth has been laying here for decades, even before the era of Internet. Even toreadors use the red capes and cloth to cause a bull’s attack, but the truth is, they will simply attack and that’s it. They are not interested in red, blue, yellow or green colour, they simply react to movements and the noise. Knowing this can be very useful, especially if you find yourself close to a bull and think that you are safe because you’re wearing a blue shirt!

5. Ostriches bury their head in the sand

Just because you’ve seen it in a cartoon doesn’t mean it’s true! Following that logic, we should believe that there are trains that talk and flying cats that sing, but that is not the case. This myth isn’t doing justice to ostriches because it makes them seem like cowards, which they are definitely not.

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