Why Vinegar Is Your New Best Friend – Crazy Life Hacks

Whether you grew up in a contemporary or traditional household, your path will at some stage have crossed vinegar. This obscure salad enhancer seems to be the Clark Kent of condiments, as there seems to be no end to its superpowers.

**It can clean the toilet**

Ever run out of your usual toilet-cleaning materials just before your in-laws arrive for Sunday lunch? Some plain white vinegar will do the trick, however, be sure to flush a few times to get rid of the smell. A great way to counter the smell of the vinegar is to slice open an orange or lemon and leave it in the bathroom. Discard it just before the guests arrive.

**It sorts out a sore throat (better than honey)**

This may come as a surprise, but for some reason vinegar manages to attack the little gremlins in your throat with gusto. This does not mean the honey is no longer needed, it simply means you have it after the vinegar to sooth the throat.

**Burnt pots defeated!**

Every person who has ever burnt rice, pumpkin or green beans on the stove must have considered just ridding themselves of the pot instead of even attempting to scrub it. Scrubbing it would take place in three stages of marathon scrubbing, without ridding yourself totally. Each stage would take at least a day. Vinegar solves this dilemma by just working its magic. Simply add some water to the pot, a nice fat dash of vinegar and bring to boil. The pot will be much easier to scrub and the black mass will just strip away as if it were never really attached in the first place.

**Settling a noisy belly**

We’ve all had those after-Taco Bell moments where our bellies perform whale calls in the middle of a serious meeting. Next time, simply hold on to that sachet of vinegar and when the uncomfortable sensations starts, squirt the whole thing in your mouth. You’re welcome!

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