Elvis Presley Facts What You Never Heard Before

Elvis Presley Facts , The King of Rock-n-Roll!


Some facts about Elvis Presley, the King of Rock-n-Roll!


July 5th is an important day in music history. On this day in 1954, history was made when Elvis Presley, then a 19 year old lad, recorded the first commercial single of his career, “That’s All Right – mama”, at the Sun studio in Memphis. The song paved the way for him to super stardom. Written by Arthur Crudup a.k.a. Big boy, the song was officially launched on July 19 and immediately became a regional hit. By the beginning of 1955, the future king of Rock-n-Roll was drawing national attention. In January 1956, Elvis Presley recorded “Heart Break Hotel” which became his first song to top Billboard’s pop singles chart. By the time of his death in 1977, Elvis Presley had produced over a dozen singles, starred in 31 movies and had established himself as one of the entertainment icons of the 20th Century.


Some facts about Elvis Presley,

    •  He was born in Tupelo, in Mississippi.
    •  Elvis Presley had an identical twin brother. The twin brother was born first, 35 minutes before Elvis, but it was a still birth.
    •  Elvis grew up as an only child in a poor family, and in 1938 his father was sentenced to 3 years in prison for forging a $4 check.
    •  He received a guitar for his eleventh birthday; he was disappointed because he wanted a bike!
    •  In high school Elvis failed his music class and was considered an outsider.
    •  He never learned to read music!
    •  In 1953, he became the first member of his immediate family to earn a high school diploma.
    •  After graduation Elvis worked at a machinist shop and drove a truck.
    •  He launched his music career in July 1954 with the recording of “That’s All Right”.
    •  In 1957, at the age of 22, Elvis bought Graceland, his Memphis mansion which was his home base for 2 decades, for $102 000.
    •  Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, had been a carnival barker.
    •  In 1957, Elvis Presley, already a major music star, was drafted into the US army; he was inducted on March 24, 1958, as a private at the age of 23.
    •  He was awarded two medals while serving in the US Army; one for expert marksmanship and the other for sharpshooting.
    •  In entire music career Elvis Presley never performed outside of North America.
    •  “Heart Break Hotel” was his first single to sale over a million copies.
    •  His first Grammy Award was for the 1967 Gospel release “How Great Thou Art”.
    •  The Cleveland Browns was his favorite football team.
    •  His natural hair color was blond in early years and later light brown. He dyed it black.
    •  He was six feet tall.
    •  He held a black belt in karate!
    •  He bought President Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidential yacht.
    • The king of Rock-n-Roll died of a heart attack on August16, 1977.

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