5 Fun Cooking Life Hacks! – Crazy Life Hacks

If you enjoy interesting things, then you are certain to appreciate these cooking life hacks that can making cooking even more fun. Not only can you use them, you will have something great to share with your friends and


family! Consider these the next time you are in the kitchen


Water boiling out of the pot and onto the stove top is very annoying, not to mention messy. However, you can easily prevent this by laying a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. When the water reaches it, the bubbles


quit rising while the water continues to boil safely.


Everyone loves eating tacos, but they are quite difficult to eat on the go. An easy solution is to mix everything in your favorite bag of nacho style chips. Put the cooked meat, shredded cheese, chopped lettuce and tomato, and anything else you love in your tacos in the bag, and give it a few shakes. If the chips are large,


you may want to crunch them a few times before adding the other ingredients. Now, all you need is a fork or spoon and you are ready to go!



Boiled eggs are a delicious and nutritious snack or a vital ingredient for egg or chicken salad. Peeling them is something that can leave people wanting to scream because of the difficulty in getting all of the shell removed. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this common dilemma. Get a medium sized, hard plastic cup and fill it half full with water. Place the boiled egg in it, cover the top with one hand, and shake around for


a minute or so. The shell will peel off with ease.



Do you love hash browns but have no idea how to get them cooked properly? One of the interesting things that you can try is to cook them in a waffle iron. Shred the potatoes with an electric shredder while the waffle iron is heating. Place a scoop into each segment of the waffle iron and cook for a few minutes. You will have


perfectly browned potatoes on both sides without worrying about trying to flip them in a frying pan.



Most people dread attempting to cut a cake because it seems impossible to do without smearing the icing. However, a simple hack that eliminates this is unscented dental floss. Cut a piece several inches longer than the diameter of the cake. Place it over the line you wish to cut, hold it steadily with each hand and push down. Once you reach the plate, pull the floss through with one hand. Repeat until you have all of the slices ready


to serve!



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