Weird And Wonderful Chimera Animals – Crazy Life Hacks

You’ve probably seen a picture online somewhere of an animal that seems to be split right in half with its fur color. While most probably assume this is a product of some experienced photo-shopping, this is something

that actually occurs in nature!

Venus, a chimera cat very popular on the internet for her distinct split in features. Chimeric animals, like Venus up there, are born when two or more fertilized cells merge early in that animals

development. This essentially makes a chimera its own twin!

A beautiful chimera parakeet

Most chimeric animals and humans aren’t as obvious as this bird. The Majority of chimeras will live their entire

life without anyone ever knowing

Adorable chimeric rabbit

Certain things depend on whether or not a chimera can reproduce, such as whether or not the multiple cells fused to create the animal are of the same sex, but those who are able to are also able to pass on all of their

amazing fur patterns onto their offspring!



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