The Best Restaurant Life Hack – Crazy Life Hacks

Most of us love the restaurant experience. Eating out is the order of the day. Thinking that services from professional chefs, servers and that hotel manager wearing a $1000 suit is always quality. Think again, do you get the best service when you eat out? Well, worry not aesthetic value does not guarantee A+ service

there is more to that. Here are the top 6 life hack that will keep you away from poor services.

Information will win you preferential treatment

I though a reservation sounds majestic, there is another level just above it. Not all reservations are the same. To get the best reservation, engage the hosts in talks like you are a restaurant reviewer. They will definitely want to put the best foot forward and build a good reputation. Bam! That is how you earn yourself

the best table.

Gifts will win you a reservation

You have not ordered a reservation but you think it befits your status. Worry not; carry a few gifts with you Expensive chocolate bars or candy packs will win you a reservation from the host. It is not bribing it is being nice.

Do not order second least expensive wine.

When our pockets are fat, we go for the most expensive. When we are slim on finances, we do not go for the cheapest but something above the cheapest. This is where we all get it wrong; the second cheapest wine is always the lowest of all qualities. Order the least expensive one instead

The bottle of wine is cheaper

The notion around has been a bottle of wine in a restaurant is expensive. Quick math, each glass you buy makes at least 3% profit to the initial price of the bottle of wine. To save on cash, order the bottle. If you and your date cannot finish it, you can always carry it home.

Every day’s special are not always the Chef’s special

Do not be duped by the “Today’s special menu” painted on every corner of the restaurant. This is always left over food that the restaurant wants to get rid of before it goes bad. It is as simple as that. Call it the rush hour sale.

Ask for the cheque together with the food

Waiting in restaurants qualifies to be among the top 10 frustrating things in life. You do not have to be frustrated with this life hack at hand. Instead of waiting to finish eating so that you can pay, ask for the cheque to be brought alongside the meal and pay the servers on their way back

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