Live Easier Life with Life Hacks – Crazy Life Hacks

A life hack is defined as a technique or strategy that has been adopted in order to manage one’s daily activities and time in a more efficient manner. The following are a handful of life hacks that will make our life a bit easier to live.

Pen Spring Hack

Take the spring from an old pen and wrap it about your charger cord. This will offer protection from bending and breaking.

Eliminate Accidental Emails

AS you write an email, leave the recipient field blank until you are truly ready to send the email. This will eliminate the possibility of accidental emails or emails sent to the wrong individuals at the wrong time.

Temperature Conversion

Need an easy way to estimate the conversion of temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius? Simply add 30 to the existing number, then halve the number. When converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit, double the number and then add 30.

Fix Wood Dings with Walnuts

Should you discover a ding within your wooden furniture, simply rub a walnut on the affected area. This will cover up the imperfection and save you time as well as money.

Don’t Forget to Wi-Fi Hunt as you House Hunt

As you search for your next humble abode, be sure to check your phone’s Wi-Fi signal. Not doing so may result in you needed to break your current contract or be left with less than stellar service while at home.

Mobile ChapStick Safe

While venturing into an unsafe area or while on vacation, utilize an empty ChapStick container to hold your rolled currency. No one will ever think to look there should you encounter any suspicious activity.

Microwave Cleaning Hack

Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your microwave. Plae the mixture into the device and nuke it for three to four minutes. You will notice that the bits stuck to the sides and more will wipe off quickly and easily.

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