Life Hacks on How to Travel Successfully – Crazy Life Hacks

An important and crucial life hack, we all should hopefully come to face is traveling abroad. So here are
nsome tips on how to do so successfully.

First step to this life hack is  packing. Packing is always subjective to one’s needs, and revolves around where one is traveling too. Where are you traveling, and how long will you be gone. Leaving for long periods of time indicates a larger load of luggage will be needed and knowing how to do so efficiently is quite a crucial life hack to know. First, when packing, do not pack in a conventional manner as if one is simply going on a weekend holiday. Long trips would require that you need to pack in an efficient manner- so try this: roll your clothes as oppose to just folding them. Rolling everything from your socks, towels, t-shirts and sweaters, will ensure that you can carry up to 30% more luggage. This significantly changes the realities upon packing, most especially when you’re going on a long trip and will require a wardrobe of clothes that will be able to

adjust and adapt to the prevailing seasons you may come to face.

Second, know where you are going. One of the most common errors people make upon traveling, is being completely unacquainted and unaccustomed to the country your destination is in. Reading up on a few websites found on google is not suffice, this life hack suggests that you must immerse yourself in regards to destination. A few life hack suggestions are to head to your local bookstore and to purchase a few books regarding this country, traveling books are a must as they’re full of great insightful information about your

location, where it’s safe, and how to avoid all those tourist scams, and prices.

Thirdly, get a pen pal that lives in your place of destination. This life hack stresses the importance of immersing yourself entirely on where you’re heading. The internet is full of endless social media websites that are geared towards connecting you with people from around the world. Finding a pen pal that fits your needs allows you to have a genuine information outlet, that a book, or brochure can’t come near. Not only that it’s a great way to meet a local, and perhaps even have your own personal tour guide when there. So there’s are a few life hacks and suggestions to take head of upon traveling. One, pack efficiently, second, read up on where you’re going, and thirdly, become acquainted with a local before reaching your



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