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Yep, you read that right, we can show you 5 Amazing Weight Loss Life Hacks. Please note, though, that without an effort on your part, none of these hacks work However, here are some life hacks you need to know in order to kick start (or restart) your weight loss and fitness goals.

1 . Always leave one bite. In order to slow down your eating, causing you to feel full faster and therefore not consuming as many calories, always leave at least one bite of whatever you’re eating on your plate. People who were raised in “clean your plate” families are subconsciously wired to fill their plates and eat every bite. However, if you make a conscious decision NOT to eat everything on your plate, your stomach’s signal that you’re full will have time to reach your brain, helping you realize that you don’t need any more after all. The trick isn’t to starve yourself or cut out all of your food related happiness, but moderation equals success!

2.Find a work out partner. When you’re on your own, skipping a workout seems justifiable. You’re too tired. You walked up the stairs at work today instead of taking the elevator. You have something extremely important you should be doing instead. We’ve all been there and justified it by thinking we’ll work out twice as hard or long the next day, which, if you’re anything like me, rarely happens. However, if I’m supposed to meet a friend at the park at 2:00 for a jog, if I miss it, I’m not just letting myself down, I’m letting someone else down. And that guilt is way harder to justify. Having some accountability for your fitness makes you much more likely to actually do what you say you’re going to. Even if you partner is just your dog and you’re walking around the block, just say the word ‘Walk” in front of your pooch and then try to get out of that one. How could you disappoint those big brown eyes? 3. Don’t skip dessert, just choose smaller portions. If youve got a sweet tooth, it’s a hard calling to ignore. Rather than wallowing in the misery of a chocolate craving, give in, but again, the key is moderation. Try a small milkshake instead of a medium, indulge in a bite size piece of chocolate instead of an entire bar, or cut yourself a half size piece of the office birthday cake

for your co-worker Pam. You will appease your sweet tooth and be able to move on with your life.

4. You have more time to exercise than you think We all know some of the obvious ways to sneak in a little exercise. Walk instead of drive. Stairs instead of elevators. Etc… But there are other ways to sneak in a little calorie burning and muscle building into your day. Switching your chair for an exercise ball will help strengthen your core WHILE YOU SIT. Squeezing your glutes when you walk will help tone your butt, which will long term help alleviate back pain. When you’re getting up from the couch, do some lunges on your way to the fridge. (l prefer to do this when no one is looking, but more power to you if you don’t!) While you will see the most results from prolonged cardio activity (experts recommend at least 20 minutes a day of activities which elevate your heart rate), strength building exercises are just as important and beneficial and much easier to sneak into your already jam-packed schedule.

5.Have fun and recognize your small step achievements along the way. Exercise and eating healthy are often things people think of as big, long term goals. But every long term goal should be broken up into smaller, short term goals, like stepping stones. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for achieving your small victories on your way to your bigger ones. This will keep you motivated and away from discouragement. Even if you’re not seeing results as quickly as you would like, the fact that you have set your mind to something you’re not giving up on IS A BIG DEAL! Go ahead and post your soda free week on Facebook or Twitter. You deserve a little recognition and bragging!

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