3 Life Hacks To Gain Weight That Have Helped Me

Even though most people are struggling to lose weight, there’s a large number of people that actually can’t gain weight no matter what they do. You’d think that the job of gaining weight would be a lot easier than losing it, but for some people it’s incredibly hard. They spend years being underweight and not being able to win over their habits and lack of appetite. Fortunately, there are a couple of life hacks that can trick you into eating too much, or if you’re skinny, exactly enough to be normal!

Buy a blender

Seriously, buy it. This has been the most important device that has helped me gain weight. The reason why it works is because it tricks your body into overeating. Your body needs about 20 minutes to figure out that you’re full. A high calorie milkshake will be gulped up in 2 minutes. You can drink a thousand calories easily. Eating and chewing those calories would be a very hard task for someone who lacks appetite. Be sure to mix high calories stuff in it, like dark chocolate or peanut butter.

Have a pack of nuts with you always

All nuts are high calorie foods and they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals. A 100 grams of walnuts or peanuts has more than 500 calories, which is like a regular meal. With life hacks like this there is no excuse that you don’t have enough time. Everybody has enough time to have a bag of cashews or peanuts in the pocket which you can eat standing.

Eat in front of the PC and TV, develop a habit to put food around these devices

This habit is what makes most people fat. They entertain themselves and forget that they shoving food in their mouth. It’s a bad habit, but for someone trying to gain weight desperately it’s an awesome life hack. Buy yourself all kinds of cool food and put it near the PC every morning. You know you’re gonna be spending a lot of time in front of the PC like we all do and if there’s something nice there, you will eat it while enjoying entertainment.


Try to make sure you don’t eat a lot of sweets, because you don’t want to turn from skinny into skinny with a belly. There’s plenty of high calorie food that’s actually healthy, like dark chocolate or peanut butter. I would also advise you to start exercising moderately. Not only will this distribute the high amount of calories evenly on your body, it will also work to increase your appetite.

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