23 Casual Prom FAILs Of The Non-Casual – Crazy Life Hacks

Haaaa prom fails, the best time of the year. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, for so many reasons! A time of excitements, a moment of truth. The following images have managed to grasp all that is ridiculous about this moment. After all, who really has a good memory from prom, or at least, who really thinks one was at its’ best that evening. We all know we’re terrible when we’re young, at least in some way or anther, and here are the proofs. Let us begin the ride on memory lane, and..  let us not judge others for their terribleness. Were YOU really any better? Well, compared to those here, perhaps.

1. Find Weirdo

2. Barbie Kind

3. Something’s Off

4. Something’s Terrible

5. Ready For Photoshop

6. Ready For Nothing

7. MC Hammered

8. Dazed & Confused

9. FAILure At Com

10. The Peacock

11. Dear Granny Awful Tatiana

12. Dear Psychologist

13. Sharing Is Caring

14. Long Distant Relationship

15. Over The Rainbow FAIL

16. Nothing Too Add

17. The Little Engine That Could

18. Devil’s FAILed Advocate

19. Dirty Love

20. Texan Terribleness

21. The Young & The Restless

22. The Loner

23. The Goner


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