12 Weird Things Left On The Moon

The moon is somewhere you might think littering wasn’t an issue, however, after several missions there, it turns out there’s no place us humans won’t leave our stuff behind….

  • A Photo Of Nothing

The photo of nothing was once a photo of Astronaut Charles Duke’s family, but the elements on the moon (radiation, temperature etc) caused the photo to fade to, well, nothing.

  1. Devil’s Bend Rock

When an astronaut was taught how to collect rock samples by a building inspector at Devil’s Lake, Bend, lava rock from the area was collected. Once the moon mission was secured some 5 years later, the building inspector requested the astronaut take a piece of the rock with him, so he did.

  1. A Chapter From The Michigan University Alumni

The Michigan University Alumni Association created a special space-based document, of which a chapter was taken to the moon.

  1. An Andy Warhol Drawing

Apollo 12 took a tiny tile to the moon featuring drawings by 6 famous artists, including one by Andy Warhol.

  1. A Memorial For Astronauts Who Lost Their Life In Space

With many astronaut’s losing their life in the pursuit of space travel, it was thought necessary to create a sculpture on the moon in memorial of them. It now stands proudly commemorating all those who lost their lives during missions.

  1. Golf Balls

Astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard broke many records with his trip to the moon, including being the oldest person to walk on it, and the first to play golf there which subsequently ended in him leaving 2 of the balls behind.

  1. A Message From The Queen

Apollo 11 took many messages from world leaders with it, including one from the Queen.

  1. Bags Of Human Waste

Going to the toilet is just something humans have to do, including astronauts. Astronauts collect their human waste in bags, and there are 96 of these bags on the moon in total, discarded by astronauts to decrease the weight on their spacecraft.

  1. Space Boots

On the Apollo 11 trip the astronauts discarded over 100 items they didn’t need in order to decrease the weight on their spacecraft. These objects boots, camera, tools, a necklace and a US flag.

  1. A Nixon Plaque

As Nixon was president of the US during all 6 moon missions, a commemorative plaque was placed on the moon in his name.

  1. Paul Van Hoeydonck Artwork

A 3.5 inch statuette was created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck and was left on the moon by David Scott during the Apollo 15 mission.

  1. The Feather Of A Falcon

The feather was used in conjunction with a bowling ball for an experiment during Apollo 15, and the feather was left behind.